Why Americans Are Turning Their Backs on Religion?


Reasonable people can choose to abandon their religion for many different reasons, including the questionable actions of religious leaders.

Recently, the question "What made you turn your back on religion?" was asked in an online survey. The top 21 responses are presented below.

"There is an all-powerful, loving God who decided to create humans but also cancer, and he sent his son (himself) to preach some very specific teachings.

To paraphrase Voltaire: "Religion is a man-made set of rules based on power and control over other humans (see Hell)."

Even as a young child, I witnessed firsthand the ways in which religion is abused to oppress and threaten others. .

If you don't believe in Jesus, even if you're a wonderful person, you're going to hell, as my relative put it. Really, it was terrifying.

For being himself, they believed my friend was a sinner and destined for hell. Any god who would do something like that ought to be reviled.

 Jesus abolished all of that and replaced it with two commandments: worship no gods but his Father and love your neighbor as yourself. Christians seem to have forgotten that.

If God can do anything, then why bother with tests? Surely he wouldn't be surprised by the result.