What Happens if You Do 10 Pushups ?


It's simple to put unnecessary strain on your shoulders and wrists if you slump forward at the hips when your body should be in a straight line.

However, there are good grounds for the continued popularity of this exercise technique. For starters, specialized tools are unnecessary.

 The second benefit of push-ups is their adaptability to varied fitness levels and needs.

 The third important factor is that this exercise targets and strengthens multiple muscular groups at once (chest, triceps, shoulders, abs, and upper back).

If you want to get the benefits of regular push-up practice, you must perform the exercises correctly.

Orangetheory Fitness has introduced three new strength-focused sessions, and exercise design and experience manager Stephen Marcotte, CSCS, says.

Certified personal trainer Michael Ungar, CPT recommends getting your doctor's okay before beginning a routine of daily pushups.

Push-ups should be done cautiously by people with shoulder problems because they can aggravate existing joint, tendon, and ligament disorders.

Do not do push-ups on the floor until you are confident in your ability to get back up without assistance, especially if you are an older adult.