Top Mentally Tough Zodiac Signs: Who Survives?

Capricorn is the sign for governing career, reputation and standing in the community. Its natives seek honor, praise and wide stance approval. But they tend to be very emotionally reserved in personal relationships.

Capricorn uses the fine-tuned strategy of their mental edge instead of force. They are also quick to seize on viable opportunities.

Scorpios are renowned for their extreme intensity, resilience, and strategic thinking. Despite their complex emotions, they will power through challenges with passion and unwavering resolve.

Their natives have been given a sense of purpose and destiny to find happiness in dispensing their life-force to others. They will usually stop at nothing to make sure their wishes are carried out specifically to their liking.

Bold and fearless, Aries meet adversity with courageous action. They are determined, independent, and thrive on a challenge. Aries is highly self-oriented and a 'me first' sign.

This sign is fiercely obstinate in their self-righteousness. Ruled by Mars the ancient god of war, courage and conflict they will climb to great heights to fulfill their destiny no matter who stands in their way.

Taurus signs are characterized by their gentle groundedness and patience. With a steadfast and practical outlook, they can endure obstacles with remarkable grace and composure even under difficult circumstances.

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