This ‘Healthy’ Beverage Is Actually Causing Inflammation And Belly Fat


Beverages play a crucial part in our everyday pursuit for health and well-being. We look for beverages that promote energy, help weight loss, and improve wellbeing.

However, “healthy” drinks have a complicated history. It may surprise you that some of these healthy beverages might cause inflammation and persistent belly fat.

We asked Krutika Nanavati, a licensed dietitian and nutritionist, which apparently nutritious drink promotes inflammation and belly obesity. Fruit juice should be limited, according to Nanavati.

Fruit juice has been revered as a source of vitamins, minerals, and refreshment for decades. Many of us were raised to think fruit juice was healthful and natural.

However, fruit juice, while rich in certain nutrients, may also have a less desirable connection to inflammation and the stubborn accumulation of belly fat.


Fruit juice's high sugar content contributes to this phenomena. Naturally occurring sugar in fruit juice is still sugar.

Consuming a substantial quantity of fruit juice can lead to a significant intake of sugar, which is directly associated with inflammation and the accumulation of abdominal fat

Too much fruit juice might cause weight gain and inflammation. Fructose, a fruit sugar, is converted into fat, especially around the abdomen.

This dynamic revolves on fruit juice's high sugar content. Excessive fruit juice drinking may lead to high sugar intake, which is connected to inflammation and belly obesity.