The Worst Thing That Will Happen To You In 2024


Aries briefly smokes to boost confidence during social anxiety flare-ups. After a month, the high cost and dislike of the habit end this endeavour. A gym meeting leads to a passionate affair and a recommitment to health.


Taurus becomes depressed during the cold, dark months. A slight weight gain leads to culinary mastery as people seek comfort in food. New kitchen skills boost confidence and turn adversity into a culinary triumph by spring.


Gemini meets a charming partner in the summer heat, but they disappear mysteriously, causing heartbreak. August brings unexpected comfort when a chance meeting leads to a love that erases the summer romance.


A night of debauchery costs Cancer a credit card, but the bank acts quickly to repair the damage. Cancer relishes the same indulgences the following weekend, this time with financial security.


Leo suffers an unexpected job loss but finds comfort in 13 weeks of unemployment benefits. A romantic interlude comforts them, ending just in time for a surprising job offer that erases the past and opens up new professional possibilities.


Virgo battles false rumours from a distant relative, only to see the accuser punished. This unexpected turn restores Virgo's reputation and earns her a beach house vacation from a contrite aunt.


Libra is worried about a routine checkup, but biopsy results show no serious issue. The doctor's son, a longtime crush, unexpectedly proposes, adding serendipity to life's intricate dance.


Scorpio is stalked after dinner. Law enforcement apprehends a wanted criminal at a critical moment, preventing harm. Safety turns a scary night into a surprise win.


A stolen car forces Sagittarius to take public transport for a week. A tragic accident and arrest bring poetic justice to the thief. Insurance payouts replace stolen vehicles and fund dream vacations, turning misfortune into a windfall.


A wasp sting hurts Capricorn on a summer camping trip. A crush turns out to be a herbalist, relieving the pain and creating a night of shared ecstasy, showing how unexpected connections can form in difficult times.


Aquarius mourns a distant uncle and receives an unexpected inheritance. Meanwhile, mysterious text messages raise suspicions until the sender is a long-hidden crush, weaving a tapestry of sadness and connection.


Pisces fears and is cautious about mysterious texts from an unknown number. The unexpected twist reveals the sender as the elusive crush, turning initial apprehension into excitement and potential romance.

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