Northern lights expected to be intense in 30 years


Observations of sunspots, a crucial indicator of the northern lights, have shown a significant increase since 2022.

 If the pattern holds, scientists predict that the following 18 months will see the most spectacular northern lights in decades.

In the next 18 months, more locations on Earth will likely be able to see the northern lights than they have in the previous 20 years.

With 110 to 115 sunspots at its height, the Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel, an international scientific committee funded by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NASA releases the first samples of asteroids from spacecraft, and they fall on Earth.

On the other hand, some experts' revised models indicate that sunspot numbers may reach up to 235.

Northern light viewing is most likely in the autumn of 2024, when solar activity is predicted to rise continuously, according to Mark Miesch, a research scientist at NOAA.

Wisconsin and Minnesota in the south were the locations of the most recent northern lights sightings.