Is This The Dumest Group Of Humans Ever?


My friend had a terrible sunburn last summer. As in, blisteringly painful; sunburn so severe that even protective clothing is useless.

 I questioned his lack of sunscreen and he explained that he was hoping to achieve a light tan.

 He didn't believe me when I informed him that even with a low SPF, he would have received a tan. I inquired as to what he thought SPF stood for. His response will be long remembered.

After I recovered from my mirth, I sat him down and went over the basics of UVA/UVB radiation, how sunscreen functions, and what the SPF rating indicates.

Next summer I was enjoying my neighbor's pool. When I see that my pal is flushed, I inquire if he has applied sunscreen.

As teenagers, my brother and I were cooking together one day. To prepare for dishwashing, my sibling was filling the sink.

When the sink was almost full, he tried to turn off the water, but the tap wouldn't budge. I attempted a rotation as well, but to no avail.

The fear began to grow at this point. We had to act quickly or risk flooding the kitchen as the water level rose.

While I was frantically searching under the sink for the mains to turn it off, he retrieved large saucepans from the press and filled them with water to prevent a flood.