Is 2023 La Niña or El Niño?


Severe Weather Europe reports that whereas the last three winters have been La Nia, the winter of 2023 is expected to be an El Nio year.

The expected duration of the weather trend is early spring.

Since at least June, when NOAA first reported on the build-up of El Nio making hurricanes in the central and eastern Pacific basins more possible.

The Climate Prediction Center estimated that there was a 95% likelihood that the current weather pattern will last until March 2024.

"However," the center noted in the statement, "a strong El Nio does not inevitably equal to strong repercussions locally.

The season outlook foresees a reduced possibility of a warmer winter in the northwest part of the state (33% to 44%).

A snowy "winter wonderland" is what The Old Farmer's Almanac forecasts for Utah.

He claimed that in the past, the weather pattern had brought both heavy snowfall and exceptionally dry winters.