How to Reduce Stomach Sagging ?


The word "apron belly" is widely used to refer to excess skin or a protruding stomach. A pannus stomach or abdominal pannus is the medical term for an apron belly.

This skin fold can show up after giving birth, going through menopause, or losing a lot of weight.

 Mommy tummy or the apron effect of menopause are common names for this condition.

While a pannus is common, it can be annoying and even lead to skin infections if not properly cared for.

Your mental, emotional, and physical well-being will all benefit from learning to accept your apron belly.

Read on to find out more about apron bellies and the nonsurgical methods that may help you deal with and maybe get rid of them.

The sight of an apron belly is disconcerting to many individuals. It's natural to have drooping skin in the abdominal region after giving birth or after going through menopause.

A person's sense of self-worth and body image can be negatively impacted by cultural standards that prioritize thinness and a flat stomach .

An apron belly causes a skinfold due to chafing since it hangs over the skin of the lower abdomen and pelvis.

Even though skinfolds are a natural human phenomenon (think of the skin on a newborn baby's leg), they can be difficult to manage.

 This can cause a bacterial infection of the skin, such as intertrigo, an itchy rash that appears in the folds of the skin.