El Nino this winter is expected to be powerful


El Nino conditions are currently predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to extend through the winter and probably into the spring of 2024.

There is now a 95% probability, according to their estimate, that El Nino will continue until March 2024.

Furthermore, there's a 71% possibility that significant El Nino conditions will prevail this winter.

El Nino happens when the Eastern Pacific Ocean's sea surface temperatures are higher than usual.

Because of the close interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere, changes in our ocean patterns may also affect changes in weather patterns.

Winter is when La Nina and El Niño conditions peak, and wintertime ENSO effects on U.S. weather patterns are generally the greatest.

In the winter, El Niño temperatures tend to be warmer in the northern United States and colder in the southern United States.

 When it comes to specific regions, the weather during El Niño is particularly interesting in southeast Colorado.