El Niño Could Deliver "Record" Snow


A forecasting organization that believes the current El Niño might bring heavy snowfall to certain parts of North America in the winter of 2023–2024.

Like its predecessors, this El Niño prediction reinforces the expected snowfall disparity in North America between the North and South.

In essence, the majority of forecasters—including AccuWeather—state that this season's snowfall in the Northwest and Northern Rockies .

On the other hand, precipitation averages in California, Utah, Colorado, and yes, the Northeast, are expected to be between 125% and 149% above normal.

Does this imply that California will have yet another year with record snowfall?

 In reference to the storms that broke all records across California during the previous winter, he said, "I think we could get into periods where that happens."

It's true that the statement is a little ambiguous. Nevertheless, all indications point to California faring better than usual.

For my part, this projection serves as yet another unfavorable reminder that my chances of having a snowy winter in Western Montana are dwindling.