Dolphins Despite the Colts' Continued Upsets


After a wild week that included many upsets and a continuance of extremely sloppy play, the NFL power rankings are back.

Absolutely. Since there is so much fluctuation in the NFL from season to season, we can only really base these rankings.

Would you mind trying to unplug and replug them in? The current Chicago Bears squad is the most embarrassing NFL club in the past decade.

The peace is maintained. It's a talentless group. Poor coaching is evident. They've got some drama off the field. The battle has been won.

The probable bright side? Even though he's improved from last year's performance, Russell Wilson's flaws are still plain to see.

On Sunday night football, the Raiders take on the Steelers. A fight between a force that can be stopped and an object that can be moved.

Both the Steelers and the Raiders have had terrible offensive and defensive seasons in 2023. Since 2018, no defense has been worse than this one at stopping the pass.

The offense has not been as crisp as we thought, despite the team's improved pass protection, and much of the blame lies with their rookie quarterback.

With veteran Andy Dalton at the helm, the Panthers' offense improved, but it still wasn't good enough to stay up with the Seahawks.