Does Drinking Beer Really Reduce Kidney Stones?


Beer may help clear kidney stones, but doctors disagree. This view is unsupported by science. Low water consumption, food, heredity, medical conditions, and UTIs have the most impact on kidney stones.

People typically rationalize their alcohol consumption. Beer may prevent kidney stones, according to some. People in India believe drinking beer helps kidney stones clear. Is this true? Separate truth from fantasy.

Medical professionals disagree. The American Addiction Center found no scientific evidence that beer decreases kidney stone risk or helps them pass.

Learn about kidney stones first. Kidneys may produce tiny, hard mineral and salt deposits. They usually include calcium, uric acid, or other substances.

Kidney stones may be agonizing, therefore individuals want to avoid or remove them. Kidney stones arise for many reasons.


Low Water Intake: Not drinking enough water can lead to concentrated urine, increasing the risk of stone formation.

Diet: A diet high in salt, animal protein, and oxalate-rich foods can raise your risk of kidney stones.

Genetics: Kidney stones can run in families, so if someone in your family has had them, you might be more prone.

Medical Conditions: Certain health conditions like hypercalciuria, cystinuria, and hyperparathyroidism can also increase your risk.

Urinary Tract Infections: Specific types of bacteria can contribute to the formation of kidney stones.