Dehydration: Headache to Weight Gain, 7 Signs to Increase Fluid Intake Now


When the body is low on hydration level, it starts giving tell-tale signs. But when these are ignored too, dehydration can lead to health complications as well.

Headaches: Reduced fluid intake may cause muscles to stretch resulting in headaches.

Weight Gain: This dehydration indicator is frequently overlooked. Dehydration reduces nutrition, making us hungry.

Dry Skin: This is one of the most easily identifiable signs of dehydration.


Fatigue: One may tend to feel more wore down than usual and more easily. Short-sleep cycles are often connected with dehydration.

Anxiety & Mood Swings: Several studies show that dehydration impacts mood and anxiety. Lower amino acid levels may cause this, but additional study is needed.

Bowel Interruptions with Cramps: Muscle cramps usually need more water. Muscles may spasm from dehydration.

Dizziness: Dehydration often leads to feelings of nausea and dizziness. As per a report by Healthline, People who are dehydrated often have reduced blood pressure or lower blood volume.