Check Your $2 Bills — They Could Be Worth a Ton

Spending a $2 banknote at a retailer may be a bad idea. The bill may be worth hundreds of dollars more than two.

A $2 bill can sell for $4,500 or more on the collectibles market, according to USCA. Most of the valuable ones were printed in the 19th century.

But even bills printed within the last 30 years might be worth hundreds of dollars — if you have the right one.

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The 1862 $2 bill is still in circulation. The bill's picture of Alexander Hamilton was replaced with Thomas Jefferson in 1869.

 WFLA cited the U.S. Treasury Department to report that the $2 bill was last created in 1963.

If the $2 bill was minted and printed before 1976, it will likely be worth more than its face value on the collectibles market. In some cases, it might be worth only $2.25.

Uncirculated 1890 bills can fetch $4,500 or more, although most are about $550 to $2,500. Bills with red or brown seals have the same values.