Benefits and Serving Sizes of Egg Whites


Egg white is a good source of proteins, which help the body to build strong muscles and maintain muscle mass.

Egg white is low in cholesterol and to individuals who are already at risk for heart disorders and stroke it can be a very healthy alternative.

To maintain a balanced diet, limit egg white consumption to 4 per day, providing about 12 grams of protein. ← Egg white: How much to eat?


As part of a healthy diet l would recommend a maximum of 4 egg whites a day, this will provide a maximum of about 12 grams of protein.

Nutrients found in egg whites, we can mention selenium, magnesium, riboflavin or vitamin B2, pantothenic acid or vitamin acid or vitamin B5, choline betaine and folate.

Egg white omelettes are fantastic post-workout. A regular omelette may be created using egg whites. You may also cook the egg, cut the white into cubes, and season with herbs and oil.