“A Future With Trump Will Be the End of America”


How Republican primary voters feel about the criminal accusations against former President Donald Trump has been revealed in a poll.

As a result, we know that a sizeable fraction of Republican supporters do not think these allegations affect his fitness for office.

Seventy percent of respondents didn't think the 34 counts of falsifying company records against Trump in the case brought forward by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

While 20% believe the allegations raise serious questions about his fitness for office, only 8% believe he should be disqualified.

Trump raised by Special Counsel Jack Smith's probe into the sensitive documents carried to Mar-a-Lago undermine his fitness for president.

Just 13% of respondents believed the allegations were serious enough to prevent him from becoming president, while 24% thought .

The poll also measured reactions to allegations that Trump is planning to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

While 19% believed the allegations diminished his qualifications for the presidency, only 17% felt he should be disqualified because of them.

 Sixty-four percent of likely Republican primary voters don't believe the claims diminish his leadership ability.