Bitter Leaf Melon:

Some civilizations have long employed the leaves and fruits of bitter melon to help reduce blood sugar levels. They have substances in them that might increase insulin sensitivity.

Leaf fenugreek: :

Methi leaves, sometimes referred to as fenugreek leaves, can be eaten raw or cooked into a variety of foods. They might enhance insulin activity and assist in lowering blood sugar.


Cinnamon is a spice that is frequently used to flavor food and beverages, but it is not a leaf. When taken on a regular basis, it may help reduce blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity.



Curry Blossoms:

Curry leaves can be found in many Indian recipes. They might lessen the chance of complications from diabetes and help control blood sugar.

Neem Foliage:

The ability of neem leaves to prevent diabetes is well-known. They can be added to food or drunk as a tea.

Exercise Sylvestre:

The herb Gymnema sylvestre is indigenous to Africa and India. It is referred to as the "sugar destroyer" because it may enhance insulin action

Oregano Leaves:

A tasty herb that is frequently used in Mediterranean cooking is oregano. According to certain research

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