6 Common Charging Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Phone’s Battery


Charging Mistakes

How you charge your iPhone is a crucial iPhone habit. It may seem obvious, but your phone's lithium-ion battery requires care. If you don't charge it correctly or make frequent errors, you risk harming or slowing down your battery.

Extreme Temperature

One of the worst charging mistakes people make is not using their phones while charging, it is charging them in extreme temperatures.

Frequently Overcharging

Seriously, there's no need to charge your phone whenever you have time. Overcharging phone batteries, even when modern technology protects them.


Using Your Phone While Charging

Since life doesn't stop for charging breaks, it's tempting to text or call while charging. However, this might drain your battery.

Use Non-Apple Chargers

You may use an Apple-certified charger or cords to avoid this error. These are cheaper than Apple accessories yet still charge devices quickly.

Charging with Phone Case On

We get it: not many people are removing their cases before they charge their phones — brownie points for you if you can remember to do so each time.