6 Brilliant Galaxy Hair Color Styles 

Galaxy Ombre: Blend shades of blue, purple, and black to create a stunning ombre effect reminiscent of the night sky.

Neon Galaxy: Incorporate vibrant neon colors like pink, green, and blue to add a pop of brightness to your galaxy hair.

Starry Night: Use metallic silver and gold hues to mimic the shimmering stars in the night sky. Add subtle glitter or shimmer for an extra touch of sparkle and dimension.

Galactic Waves: Create soft, flowing waves in shades of blue and purple to evoke the swirling patterns of distant galaxies.

Nebula Highlights: Add pops of color throughout your hair to mimic the vibrant hues found in nebulae.

Galaxy Underlights: Keep your base color natural and add galaxy-inspired highlights underneath for a subtle yet stunning effect.

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