5 Quick Hacks To Dry Your Nail Polish


One of the major drawbacks of a new manicure is the wait period, which may smudge and destroy your nails. Learn how to dry nail paint quickly to prevent a sloppy manicure.

Dip it in ice: On those days when you don’t have your hairdryer at hand, a quick dip in a bowl of ice water can work just as well.

Get some grease: Baby oil or olive oil (basically any cooking oil) can help dry your nail polish faster. Just put a few drops on your freshly painted nails and let it rest.


Use essential oils: The same principle of lubrication also extends to your favourite essential oils.

Reach for hairspray: After painting your nails, spritz them with hairspray from eight inches away to avoid ruining the paint work. Just wash your hands with soap.

Blow out your nails using your hairdryer if you're on the fence about buying a nail drier. It dries nail polish quicker than air.