4 Hair Care Tips To Have Silky, Smooth, Voluminous Hair Like Models


Silky, Smooth, Voluminous Hair

Models know how to keep glamorous voluminous hair. Fashion Week means several hairstyling sessions, late nights, and plenty of coffee, so their perfect hair is the consequence of an outstanding hair care regimen.

Buy a good hairbrush

Hard hairbrushes may strain and tear hair, creating split ends. A nice hairbrush may assist you care for your hair regularly.

Coconut Oil Use

The age-old coconut oil nourishes and hydrates hair after heavy styling. Use coconut oil on the scalp and ends and tie your hair into a shower cap.


Use correct tools

Use correct tools without heat damage: Since models undergo significant heat styling during fashion shows, they avoid heat while self-style

Let hair dry naturally

Let your hair dry naturally to revive it. Nisha Yadav swears by eliminating hair sprays and using avocado or olive oil as a moisturizing mask to rest her hair.

Protecting hair from mechanical damage

Mechanical damage to hair is irreversible. After washing your hair, several models advised wrapping it in an old T-shirt or micro-fiber towel to reduce damage.